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Die Holder

Die Holder

We at JB Engineering Works provide Holders for all types of Round Dies Available in the market. Die Holders with the capacity of holding round dies of 3/4 inch Dies, 1 inch dies, 1 1/2 inch Dies, 2 inch Dies and others. We have all types of Tapping and Threading Holders for holding taps and dies Ready in stock and in a bulk quantity with the appropriate sizes according to the standardized Taps and Dies available in the market. We also have Attachments for Die holders which makes these Die Holders Floating which increases the Die life and makes Threading Fine.


Application Range :
Due to their slender design, the Die Holder  are used primarily on our tapping machines.

Specifications :

  • Simple model without length compensation. Relatively short design. Owing to the fact that this tap holder does not have a length compensation, it is necessary to make sure that the thread tapping cycle is cut "synchronically", e. g. over a leading spindle.
  • The Die Holder type is in the family of quick-change tap holders utilizing the tap adapters. The holder has no length compensating features, and the feed must therefore be controlled synchronously, i. e. by a lead screw. 
    • Misalignment between tap hole and spindle.
    • Spindle runout.
    • When the spindle feed per revolution is smaller
    • than the thread pitch.
    • When the feed is not constant, e. g. when done by hand.
    • When there is the possibility of machine spindle overrun at the turning point.