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Pitch Control Tapping Machine Single Spindle

Pitch Control Tapping Machine Single Spindle

We introduce ourselves as manufacturers of "JB" (ATM) Pitch Control Tapping Machine Single Spindle (Pitch Control) This Machine has the capability of running Taps and Dies on the same machine. Internal and outer Thread with Taps and Dies are Possible. The Machine is suitable for tapping and Threading (Go-Not-Go Accuracy) with Tap & Round Split dies respectively. The machine will give good quality and production of your job. It runs with help of gear and provided with automatic and electronic reversing system for the long life of your tools. The spindle of the machine moves forward & backward automatically. This system saves the time of your worker. Your worker is only to tighten & loose the job and for keeping and lifting the job on the Jig. The machine being in vertical position, the chips (Scrap) does not fall on the job and it does not block the Tap. At the parts in the machine are tempered and well ground for long Life.

The travel of the spindle is upto 100mm (4") upward & downward Automatically with the help of lead screw. It can be controlled in the Desire position and automatically reverse by limit switch control stopper. The table of size 150mm (6") X 250mm (10") Suitable for holding the Jig fixtyre or collect fix ture. For holding the job either true chuck or collet fixture A-42 can be use. The machine is provided with one set of lead screw fitted in the machine. For extra lead screw as per your job thread requirement available at extra cost.   

This Machine Comes in two models Pitch Control Tapping Machine - Single Spindle and Pitch Control Tapping Machine - Double Spindle which provide High Production with low maintenance. This machine can be customized as per the needs and wants of the customer which can bring High production to the customer. It comes into Fully Automatic Nut Tapping Machine and Semi - Automatic Nut Tapping Machines models also. Pitch Control Tapping Machine - Double Spindle Model, doubles the production with a Single operator doing work of two machines. One operator, One Electrical Motor and working of two machines in a go.    

Standard Accessories :  1 H.P. 960 R.P.M. or 1440 R.P.M. Electrical Motor, Coolant Pump, 2 Nos. Die Holder, 2 Nos. Tap Holder, Limit Switch Panel Box, Reversing Switch, One set Tapping Bush As per Your job. V belt, One Nos. Jig Fixture For Your Job. 


  • J.B. Pitch Control Tapping Machine - Single Spindle
  • J.B. Pitch Control Tapping Machine - Double Spindle
  • J.B. Pitch Control - Horizontal and Vertical Models
  • Internal and Outer Thread is possible with the appropriate Taps and Round Dies

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)





Electric Motor

1 H.P. 3 Phase 1440 R.P.M.

Overall Length



200 kg. (Approx.)


20 mm – Coarse Pitch 40mm – Fine Pitch